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SARAR - Spaced And Repeated Active Recaller

SARAR is a command-line-interface tool for GNU/Linux, its goal is to optimize the process of remembering things. It is somewhat similar to Anki and SuperMemo, i.e. it is a flashcard program that is based on two key concepts:

  1. Active recall: a learning technique, usually based on answering questions/flashcards ("active" memory stimulation). In contrast to passive techniques, in which the learning material is processed e.g. by reading, watching, etc.

  2. Spaced repetition: another learning technique, in which newly introduced and more difficult learning material is shown more frequently, while older and less difficult is shown less frequently. In contrast to massed practice, in which learning material is learned "at once".

The main difference between this project and alternative flashcard programs is that SARAR focuses on keeping things dead simple, minimal and usable, with more advanced and experienced GNU/Linux users in mind: see the suckless philosphy.

Note that SARAR is unfortunately not suckless, because - among other things - of its dependencies, its total number of lines of code and also probably its non-trivial development process, but still: the suckless philosphy is a reference that guides the project.

Table of contents

Core scientific guidelines

See the key scientific assumptions that are guiding the development of SARAR.


SARAR is not pretending to be a "superior" alternative to Anki or any other flashcard program!

SARAR is just intended for users who prefer command line interfaces, primarily seeking minimalism and simplicity.

Change log

See the change log.


SARAR is in its early stages of development, it is not yet functional, please give it some time to grow and come back to see how it evolves in a little while.

User guide

Developer guide


The license used for this project is the GNU GPLv3 license.